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Slippery PFD's

Matrix Side Entry Neo Vest
Matrix Side Entry Neo Vest $79.95

The perfect combination of performance and comfort. The Matrix Side Entry Vest features multiple hinge points that bend with your body when in the riding position so you can ride all day without feeling fatigued. The Matrix 4-way stretch neoprene construction reigns supreme when it comes to comfort and flexibility while the side-entry system allows for easy on-off for everyone.

Luxe Molded Vest
Luxe Molded Vest $119.95

Neoprene vests provide the ultimate in comfort and performance, and the Matrix Molded Vest sets the standard. With multi-panel construction, and a tunneled-belt system that works in unison with the full length front zip closure, the Matrix Molded Vest is all business.

Switch Molded Vest
Switch Molded Vest $94.95

When nothing but the best will do, we offer our most technologically advanced vest to date. The Switch Vest features a fully molded outer shell, light weight and a level of comfort that's unequaled. Neoprene vests offer a level of comfort that traditional nylon vests simply can't attain... make the switch.
Reform Neo Vest
Reform Neo Vest $69.95-$74.95

Nothing matches the comfort of a neoprene vest, and the Reform is extremely comfortable. The form-fitting pattern virtually eliminates chafing while allowing maximum rider mobility. Additionally, the vests are color matched to our Reform Suits for a clean, seamless look.
Reorm Vest
Reform Vest

All the looks and features of the most exotic vests at an economical price. The all new Reform Vest is the ideal all-around vest offering exceptional performance, style and value.
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